How technology is changing people’s lives is becoming a real

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How technology is changing people’s lives is becoming a real

Unread postby misrak » 22 Jan 2012 11:39

How technology is changing people’s lives is becoming a reality in Ethiopia:

[justify]With the advancement of technology arguably there is no country, individual and company that are left to secure the benefits; even we all agree the fact that there is huge difference on the usage of the day to day technology emergence across community, country and companies. To enumerate some of those dynamic accomplishments: the scale of mobile registration in Africa across business and community; the hit and run capability of Americans across the earth’s sphere; the land slide revolution of the Middle East through the power of technology; and in general the ever increasing gadgets, games, applications, and solutions that are transforming on how we entertain, interact, work and live across the border.[/justify]
[justify]Witnessing this reality how is Ethiopia’s readiness to become fully beneficiary of the technology age? To be part of these benefits there are critical challenges that Ethiopia need to embrace especially much on raising the awareness of the public and various institutions to make them ready for any changes and identify the right solutions for their day to day work, interaction and life. To achieve this there need to be a system for Ethiopian institutions to exchange views, get alert on new developments, create equal playing field for every citizens, ready to challenge the existing status quo of using traditional means of working and interaction, the free flow of information across the public and businesses, to make sure the voices of many is heard by relevant stakeholders, to create local content whereby the public and business would be more interested and above all to stay on track for many opportunities, businesses and Ideas emerging every second in our lives.

[center] [/center][/justify]
[justify]Fulfilling the above requirements will assure in simplest terms for the public, businesses, Gov & Non Gov Institutions to know what products/services to procure, which tenders to take part, which area of sectors to invest, to adhere to various rules and regulations, to receive relevant comments for service providers, to get prior knowledge on important scholarship/internship opportunities, for business to base their investments on research and innovation, for the public to take part on contests and vacancies, to access loan/donation for those who need it, to get entertained while securing vast opportunities and above all to dramatically maximize their efficiency, productivity, revenue, customer satisfaction and image.[/justify]
[justify]While writing this article something came to my ear through local Medias on the launch of the first Information Exchange Network in Ethiopia; which the founders, young Engineers, put it in their motto: “Now you have every reason to be online in Ethiopia”. Then l was keen to navigate the web site wondering what extraordinary achievement it has brought to Ethiopia. I take my time to sign up on the website which takes seconds and like we do in Face Book it creates a profile page where you can edit your settings, upload logos or photos, and receive any form of local customized content (whether it could be a bid, exhibition, contest, rules & regulation, ranks, Tenders, scholarship/Internship, investment, tariff, blogs/comments, partnership, seller/buyer, loan/donation, entertainment, announcements, new products/services are among the many) based on your relevance.[/justify]
[justify]So I realize the fact that any user is entitled to receive any information which is free and you post & advertise for those who managed to pay a fair price relative to the scale the site is meant to transform our way of living, entertaining and working[/justify]
[justify]So I was completely satisfied with as the founders put it right from the beginning. So imagine the daily costs that we waste in search of information, the time we lose every moment by knocking service providers’ centers, the hassle of promoting new products/services in trying to reach target customers, the vast opportunities we fail to secure due to lack of information at the right time & place and above all the huge operational costs, inefficiencies and bad image we all experience in trying to transform our lives and businesses[/justify]
[justify]I thought of the moment when Google, twitter, face book and others came to the world scene with simple website but with extraordinary vision and Idea which they end up to change the world. Likewise easier usability of, the problem oriented approach from Ethiopian and the Diaspora perspectives, the centralized nature that enable users to access any sort of information and the capability of the website to receive and post information based on relevance will support the public, businesses, Gov & Non Gov Institutions for their ambition to succeed in their lives, businesses and transformational agendas.[/justify]
[justify]Having said this it is now up to the public and businesses in an out of the country to judge the website and become beneficiary of the 1[sup]st[/sup] Information Exchange Network that the young Engineers have brought to Ethiopia. Without doubt the website,, assured us once again that Ethiopian transformation is possible in recent times if we all commit and support to these kind of startup companies and many innovative Ideas to come along with.


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